Jason has appeared in several shows on TV as a presenter, expert, mentor and judge.

Tales From Modern China

There is a lot you did not know about China and this co-production between BBC World News and Jiangsu Broadcasting takes you on an odyssey around this vast country. In six episodes four presenters take you far north to the ice fields, south to tropical China to seek out Hainan Gibbons, to the east to visit the fortified houses of Yong Ding and west to the tea and coffee plantations of Pu’er.

Heart of Asia

A series for BBC World News that explores the arts and culture scene in Asia. This ongoing series has already taken Jason to Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Korea, he’s met designers, architects, dancers, artists and many more fascinating people who are passionately leading the way through their innovative work.

Project Symphony

In a landmark TV series for Okto channel in Singapore Make Productions have followed Jason in his quest to set up a community orchestra made of young and old, instrumentalists from different backgrounds, those who have never played in an orchestra before and those who are picking up their instruments again after many years of neglect.

Aired on Okto channel in 2015


A major new series for BBC 2 which aired in August 2008. Celebrities took their place on the podium to learn the art of conducting.

Jason was one of the conducting mentors on the show and went through blood, sweat and tears to get his student the comedienne Sue Perkins all the way to the grand final!

Jason and Sue successfully conducted their way through the many rounds of the competition and eventually won.

Classical Star

A competition for talented young musicians with a recording contract for the winner. Hundreds of musicians entered but only nine made it to the Academy where the finalists received masterclasses and had to undertake a series of tasks each week to show off their musical abilities.

Jason was a judge on the panel making a tough decision each week to eliminate one musician.




•Blue Peter BBC Prom



• Maestro
• Classical Star
• The Culture Show
• Young Musician of the Year
• Young Conductors Workshop



• BBC Proms
• How A Choir Works


BBC World News

• Tales From Modern China
• Heart of Asia


Jiangsu Broadcasting (China)

• 你所不知道的中国 (I Never Knew That About China)



• Clash!


Okto Mediacorp (Singapore)

• Project Symphony


Documentary Film

• Master And His Pupil